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willow beach arizona

a cove on the colorado river

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Saturday, February 24, 2018

let’s go fishing

The fishing at Willow Beach is great…fishing4

Rarely do I get skunked but then again I don’t mind it when I do because of the peace and beauty of the area.

There are plenty of Trout, partly due to the fact that there is a fish hatchery at Willow Beach and fresh fish get planted most Friday mornings. This is when you will find locals ready to fish,…. some for the Trout but other others for the Big Striped Bass that seem to know it’s Friday and are there ready to stuff themselves on the easy pickings.

You will do fine fishing from shore for Rainbows and surprisingly Stripers as well.   To get the big fish though you will need to get out into the deeper waters. 20 and 30 pound Stripers are common with the world record at 60 Pounds caught 8 miles from Willow Beach.

The General Store at Willow has a basic selection of fishing gear and does stock the plugs that are working. They are a good source for current fishing information. In Las Vegas you can stop at the Bass Pro Shop located at 8200 Dean Martin Dr Las Vegas, NV 89139-7885 – (702) 730-5200 ( They are next to the Silverton Casino ), they are also up to date on all the fishing in Southern Nevada. They even have a 40,000 gallon aquarium filled with local freshwater fish.

Here’s a list of what fish are found in the river at Willow Beach.
Bluegill – Bait:  minnows, worms, insects, crayfish, flies (wet or dry), and popping bugs.   Fish canyon walls for the ‘big ones’. #2fish.jpg (1511 bytes)
Largemouth Bass – Bait:  night crawlers, minnows, and lures.  Largemouth bass are more active at dawn and dusk and prefer weedy areas and shoreline. #3fish.jpg (1435 bytes)
Rainbow Trout – Bait: cheese and marshmallows.  Fish deep; trout like cold water. #4fish.jpg (1506 bytes)
Black Crappie – Bait:  minnows, worms, and crickets.  Fish the canyon walls; crappie like clear water. #5fish.jpg (1551 bytes)
Channel Catfish – Bait:  natural or prepared stink baits.  Fish day or night.  Bottom fishing is best. #6fish.jpg (1427 bytes)
Razorback Sucker – Endangered fish!  Throw back if caught.  Report to National Park Service. #7fish.jpg (1347 bytes)
Bonytail Chub – Endangered fish!  Throw back if caught.  Report to National Park Service. #8.jpg (1263 bytes)
Striped Bass – Bait:  Anchovies, shad, and lures at different depths (seasonal).  Black Canyon, Willow Beach Overton Arm, Las Vegas Bay, Temple Bar.

This list was courtesy of www.riverlakes.com